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About our Team

Raymond Wolfe


Joel Todero

Audio Professional

Experience is the best teacher; here are the students.

For seven years, Raymond Wolfe has been honing his skills as a master photographer.  Begining as a novice holding only a point and shoot digital camera, he has worked his way through years of practice, growing his skill every single day. 


Joel Todero, like Raymond, has been sharpening his skills in audio development and recording for years. Currently studying media productions, he is proud to offer his hands to help you craft whatever musical genius you want on paper or film.

Now, in 2016, we are proud to offer you our skills at a price much more affordable than the competition's.  With our line of digital workings, you can be assured to receive only the highest quality images and audios.

Wolfe Photo Video is pround to offer digital images of nearly 30 megapixels as well as 4K and UHD recording opportunities for our clients.  Our full range suite of photo and video editing software in our studio as well as our design space allows us to cater to your simplest or most complicated orders.  The entire process is handled in house.  There's no need to worry about extras being tacked onto your tab because of outsourcing.  That also means that our team is available to service any changes to your order as soon as possible.  We work for you based on the job, not on the hour, so speed is the name of our business.  

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